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As one of the industry's leading commissioning engineer recruitment agencies, we specialise in hiring Commissioning Engineers for automation and control related customers. With highly skilled, specialist Commissioning Engineers on board, our clients can ensure they get their systems working effectively and efficiently onsite.

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Current jobs

Our specialism as a Commissioning Engineer recruitment agency has meant we recognise how critical it is to match the technical commissioning skills of an engineer and the types of personalities that work well on specific plants. This comes from asking the right questions and listening. Our Commissioning Engineers have been involved in commissioning industrial control systems for a range of applications such as car manufacturers, automated warehouses, baggage handling systems, food processing plants, distilleries, or metal production plants. We recruit for roles ranging from electrical commissioning engineer jobs to PLC commissioning engineer and software commissioning engineer positions.

Skills needed

  • Our Commissioning Engineers could be involved in projects as diverse as commissioning a control system for a whisky distillery in Scotland, to working on a state of the art, fully automated distribution centre for a global e-commerce company. They’ll need strong fault-finding skills, be able to interrogate existing software and make the necessary changes to make sure the system works. 
  • As a specialist Commissioning Engineer recruitment agency, we work with Commissioning Engineers who commission PLC and SCADA applications for a wide range process and monitoring systems using the latest packages from vendors such as Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Omron, B&R or Beckhoff. 
  • We work with Commissioning Engineers who are multi-skilled, so have strong electrical, mechanical and software skills. One trait that’s always needed though from a high-calibre Commissioning Engineer is to be able to work well under extreme pressure, often working long days and nights to make sure the customer is happy and their systems are working when they need to be! 

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