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We specialise in PLC Engineer roles within the automation & control sector. This covers both contract and permanent assignments.

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Current jobs

PLC Engineering has been the cornerstone of our success. Since 2012 we've helped hundreds of PLC Engineers find a new employer or a new contract assignment to start. PLC Engineers we work with have been involved in almost every sector we've worked with; water treatment, manufacturing, materials handling, food processing, plant & cyber security, machine building, car manufacturing, the list goes on! We've represented PLC Engineers of all experience levels, from the recent graduate of Control Engineering ready to embark on a career as a Trainee Engineer to the PLC Engineer with 40 years industry experience so check out our vacancies for PLC automation engineers below.

Skills needed

  • PLC Engineers typically spend their time working to a design specification, using packages such as the latest version of Siemens TIA Portal software or Rockwell’s ControlLogix offering, to configure and program a large system that requires high levels of availability, high performance communications or motion control for multi-axis applications for example. 
  • We have experience of placing PLC Engineers for every niche you can think of. This means PLC Engineers need to be able to adapt, work well under pressure often ensuring their code is easy to interpret using a logical structure. 
  • PLC Engineers often need transferable skills, they could be writing code for a Rockwell PLC that runs on Windows for an IoT based application for one client, then working on a specialist PLC that helps reduce commissioning times for another. 
  • We often work with formally trained PLC Engineers, who’ve attended the best courses Siemens or Rockwell have to offer. For some, lesser used PLCs such as the Beckhoff range or B&R PLCs are better suited to the niche they’re working in so they have gained certified user status from those vendors.