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We specialise in the recruitment of Technical Directors for automation & control businesses across the UK.

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We've worked with specialist engineering companies across a range of sectors and helped recruit highly skilled Technical Directors. This position is key. The Technical Director is often the pivotal link between the technical project teams and the C-suite level of management in the business. Whether it's an SME looking to add a layer of technical management to their team or a new hire for a special purpose machine manufacturer looking to grow their business, we have it covered. We've worked with a range of companies including system integrators, OEMs and panel builders and identified the right Technical Director for them.

Skills needed

  • Successful Technical Directors we’ve represented have often had to be all-rounders. They need to be technically able, organised, commercially aware, fantastic leaders, personable, good at managing budgets, strong schedulers and fantastic planners, the list goes on! 
  • Compliance is often a key part of being a successful Technical Director, whether it be safety or regulatory compliance, the buck stops with the Technical Director. Technical Directors are often expecting to either set up or improve compliance processes and documentation, for example writing a new SOP for a ISO9001 compliance system in order to maintain active records for the issuing of Declaration of Conformity certification used for CE marking. 
  • Technical Directors we’ve represented have known when to get involved and step in, as well as knowing when to step back and let the specialists do their jobs. We’ve often seen Technical Directors regress to their technical routes which hasn’t helped when it’s come to running the department and all the responsibilities that come with that, so a great skill to have is knowing how to react when those situations arise.